5 Reasons to Market Within a Niche

Marketers become marketers for a lot of reasons. Maybe they love creative work like writing. Or perhaps they want to support the brands that they themselves love. They might enjoy the freedom of working for multiple clients. Or maybe they’re just really good at selling a product or service.

Those are all good reasons to enter the field. But how do you set yourself apart once you get there? Let’s face it, there are a lot of marketers out there and many of them are pretty darn good at their job. In fact, there are a lot of agencies out there that do excellent work, too.

One way that I’ve found helps make it easier to stand out from the crowd is to narrow your focus to an industry you love and market within a niche. I’ve found a home in software as a service (SaaS) though I’ve also niched in healthcare and higher education in the past.

The SaaS industry, much like other specialized industries, including law and healthcare, has a lot of marketing “quirks” that are specific to the niche. Much like my past experience with higher ed, I’ve found that if you don’t spend your days living and breathing SaaS there are a lot of things you may miss. For example, it may not occur to you to map out the customer onboarding process to optimize a free trial; or perhaps you won’t have had experience with multi-tiered pricing strategies.

In other words, there are a lot of SaaS-specific know-hows which have helped the SaaS-focused agency I work at, Inturact, differentiate ourselves through focus. This makes us better at our job, which in the end helps our clients, too.

Here are some more benefits of narrowing your expertise beyond the ubiquitous “marketer.”

Market within a Niche to Make Yourself Special

The benefits of specialization are hard to overestimate, but to marketers who want to maximize profits, specialization can seem counterintuitive. It’s not. Some of the reasons to consider specializing include:

  • Specialization helps you become an expert in your field.
  • Specialization allows you to build on other skills. For instance, if you are a dedicated animal rescuer, it’s an easy transition to marketing animal shelters or veterinary clinics.
  • It reduces stress because you won’t have to master the lingo and goals of as many industries.
  • It makes it easier to network. Startup entrepreneurs tend to spend time with their peers and word spreads quickly if you are doing a good job. Referrals come easier in a niche.

A Leg Up on the Competition

The marketing world can get a little cutthroat at times. Competitors may underbid you, landing them a job for which you’re more qualified. But specialization gives you some protection. You might not get as many jobs from people who want the lowest possible price, but you’ll land more gigs with clients who appreciate quality. A lawyer who is outsourcing his content marketing wants someone who understands the law—not a random writer who can haphazardly string together some incoherent sentences.

Your specialization in a specific niche helps you stand out. No longer are you just another Internet marketer. You’re an expert in your niche. The longer you specialize, the more likely it is that you’ll witness another phenomenon: you might even know more about the topic than the experts who hire you! An expert psychology marketer may be more hip to recent psychology research than the mental health providers she works for. Specialize and your clients will quickly become dependent on you.

How Specialization Helps You Automate

You may worry that it could get dull to focus too narrowly. But there’s a major benefit that comes with the continual repetition of specialization. You may find that you’re writing substantially similar work for multiple clients, or that the demands of the niche are basically the same whether you’re working for a small startup or multinational conglomerate.

Use this to your advantage! When you know the niche inside and out, it’s easy to automate your process. If you can rattle off the 10 benefits of therapy or the 15 reasons student loan refinancing is beneficial without even thinking, then you can hammer out quality marketing materials in a fraction of the time. You can focus your efforts on the unique personality and customer interests of the clients, instead of spending all of your time learning about a new industry.

That means more money in your pocket, and more time to do the things you love.

Choosing a Social Media Platform

Your area of specialization may also help you choose your social media platform. Work with artists such as photographers? Instagram is probably going to be your new best friend? Need the ability to post detailed updates and maybe a few images? Facebook is your go-to platform. Working with a fast-paced startup crowd? Keep it simple with Twitter.

Don’t be afraid to try a number of platforms until you find something that works. Sometimes marketing yourself can feel a bit random. You might find that Facebook doesn’t work, but have no idea why. Roll with it, and keep trying till you find a strategy that worked for your needs and your clients.

How Specialization Helps You Market Yourself

Just as the cobbler’s son has no shoes, sometimes the veteran marketer is woefully behind on marketing herself! Specialization makes it easier for your to market yourself. Consider the following:

  • When you specialize, you can afford to join organizations associated with your niche. Working in dozens of niches makes joining these organizations a virtual impossibility. Trade organizations offer valuable access to clients, information about what’s new in the field, and in some cases, a ready-made marketing platform.
  • Specialization allows you to build a custom website that focuses on your client’s needs—not a dull, generic website that comes across as tone deaf.
  • You’re not just a marketer; you’re an expert. People want to work with experts.
  • Word of mouth can get you new customers, and specialization helps you get involved in the communities associated with your niche. This sort of involvement is an easy recipe for quality recommendations from the clients who already love your work.

Marketing within a niche isn’t exclusively for industries, either. If narrowing yourself to a specific industry isn’t your cup of tea, you could find a specialty within marketing to help yourself stand out. Perhaps you are a wizard at A/B testing and want to focus on conversion optimization. Or maybe you’re a grammar aficionado and editing is your digital marketing specialty.
Whatever your skill may be, focusing on that area—blogging about it, sharing content about it, and networking within that realm—is a sure-fire way to stand out as a marketer.